Who’s Alcor

My name is Gilbert Arcand, I’m a young man born in the region Abitibi-Témiscamingue of Québec, Canada. I now live in Montreal, I work for Ubisoft Montreal and I also teach the Unreal engine at the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue . I’m a self-taught computer artist and technician, I completed a Computer Science College Diploma as well as a Multimedia Creation Bachelor Degree in 2005. The first project I worked on at Ubisoft is RainbowSix:Vegas , my role on the project was modeller and shader artist specialized on breakable objects, so I self proclaimed myself “Breakable Guy”. I also gave a huge hand at debugging the 360 and PS3 version of the game. I also worked on Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and I'm now part of the next Prince of Persia developement team. My career goal is to eventually become a Technical Director.

This website is online since 1999 and I always do my best to keep it updated.

Thanks for watching!


Why “Alcor”

I gave myself this nickname a while ago and stuck to it since then. I’m aware of three meanings for this word.

  • The first and main reason why I chose it back then is because it’s the name of one of the main character of a cartoon named Goldorak (Grendizer in the US) that I really liked as a kid. Alcor is a guy who built his own flying saucer and tries to prove the world that aliens exist and always ends up in big trouble.

  • Alcor is the name of one of the star of the Great Dipper constellation.

  • It’s also an Arabic word that means “the abject one”, which somehow fits my personality, depending on who you ask! I’m the kind of people that you really like or hate, there are no shades of grey, with me it’s black or white.