Evangelion Model Pack
for Unreal Tournament 3 (PC and PS3)
Release date: April 20 2009

Model description

The Evangelion androids are gigantic biomechanical beings developed by the secret government organisation Nerv, in order to defend mankind against a mysterious race of giant monsters called Angels. The Evas are part of the human instrumentality project, the purpose of which is to bring humanity to the next evolutionary step. Children of Lilith, clones of God, the Evas may end up bringing humanity’s downfall.

Other info

I’ve been thinking about converting the Evarena models to UT3 since before the game actually launched. But when I heard that we couldn’t create custom factions, I decided to wait and see if a patch would solve this issue. Now with Patch 2.0, it’s the perfect time to release this character model pack. So you have access to all four Evangelion units as seen from the series plus the yellow “Prototype” version of Unit-00. The color scheme is the same as seen in the latest Rebuild of Evangelion movie. The characters have custom gibs, skeletons, blood fx, sounds (but uses Liandri voice), team skins, first person arms, custom animations (menu and taunts), faction and family. You can customize them by adding the B-Type Equipment plug or the S2 engine. You may also switch the chest plate and shoulder pads of the other units in order to create your own Evangelion. I had a blast working on those characters again, I really like the result. Though working on five distinct characters at the same time ended up being much more complex and time consuming than I originally expected. I hope you’ll like the model pack as much as I do.



Special thanks

    - EvilEngine for sharing the skeleton asset and testing the Beta version
    - Mandinga for testing the Beta version
    - Philippe Bernard and Maxime Deleris for lending me their PS3
    - Epic for creating Unreal