Evangelion Model Pack

  • This model is not built in a lucrative goal whatsoever.
  • Do not try to make money, or pack this model on a bundle you intend to sell.
  • Do not use this model, meshes or textures for any other project.
  • Do not share this model unpacked or without the read me text file.
  • Please follow these indications and make a fair use of these files.
  • Failure to comply to these simple rules will probably make me stop doing those great models you all get for free.

Make sure you properly installed UT3 Patch 2.0

- Fixed annoying sounds

* Special note *

The PS3 doesn't support custom family code as of v2.0. So the Eva model pack for PS3 is but a stripped down version of the PC counter part. There's no custom animations, physics, FPV hands nor gibs. As soon as a potential patch is released for PS3 that unlocks the family code, I'll release an updated and expanded version of the Eva Model Pack. I hope this version will please you none the less for the time being. Thank you for your understanding.

For any question, comments or suggestions contact me at alcor43@yahoo.ca


PC: FilePlanet, SendSpace, MediaFire

PS3: FilePlanet, SendSpace, MediaFire