Samus Aran

  • This model is not built in a lucrative goal whatsoever.
  • Do not try to make money, or pack this model on a bundle you intend to sell.
  • Do not use this model, meshes or textures for any other project.
  • Do not share this model unpacked or without the read me text file.
  • Please follow these indications and make a fair use of these files.
  • Failure to comply to these simple rules will probably make me stop doing those great models you all get for free.

* Special note *

The PS3 doesn't support custom family code as of v1.10. So the Samus model for PS3 is but a stripped down version of her PC counter part. There's no custom animations, physics, FPV hands nor gibs. As soon as a potential patch is released for PS3 that unlocks the family code, I'll release an updated and expanded version of Samus. I released that version in order to keep hackers from converting the model without my permission and release it as their "own model" as it happenned to most of EvilEngine beta releases. I hope this version will please you none the less for the time being. Thank you for your understanding.

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PC: FilePlanet, SendSpace, MediaFire

PS3: FilePlanet, SendSpace, MediaFire