March 9 2014

It has been reported to me that the download links for the UT3 character model packs are down.

I have uploaded the files to MediaFire and SendSpace, not sure how long those are gonna stay up.

Samus Aran - Evangelion

July 1 2009

As of August 31st 2009, the Gamespy Network will be shutting down their website hosting service. The Character Factory has been a beneficiary of this service since 1999. My website has been enormously helpful for me and my career and I would like to take this opportunity to thank PlanetQuake ,the Gamespy and Fileplanet networks for all those great years of service.

I confess that after 10 years I kind of took my website for granted and never expected the service to come to an end. Maybe someday the hosting service will come back. In the meantime, the Character Factory has moved over here:

April 20 2009

Another year, another model. I’m definitely not as productive as I once was but I do my best to update the site once in a while. This time I offer you the Evangelion Model Pack , which contains 5 characters upgraded from the Evarena mod for UT2004. The pack is available for PC aswell as PS3.

April 1 2008

Alright, after almost a year without any updates I finally release a new character! It’s Samus Aran for Unreal Tournament 3 and she’s available for PC and PS3! Hit the model section to get the files and other goodies. Feel free to give me comments via email or on the Epic Forum .


May 12 2007

Part Two of the update to my site, the Models, Projects, Tricks, Ego and Friends sections have been updated.

Now I must find a way to link the old site to this one since the address changed.

There’s still no new model but it’s the next thing on my To Do list, should be done during the next few months.

April 29 2007

This is Part One of the revamping of my website. I was kind of sick of the old interface and intended to make it “Next Gen” for a while now. So for now only the Models section is available but within 2 weeks I should (hopefully) complete the upgrade.

More to come…



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