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September 20 2005
After more than 2 years without any updates, I finally launch a new character! Itís Darth Vader for UT2004 and Iím sure it will please a whole lot of you.

Click here for more info

The reason why I didnít update my website in the past few years is because I was completing my bachelorís degree at the Universitť du Quťbec en Abitibi-Tťmiscamingue.

During the last year of my degree, I realised with the help of 4 of my friends, the demo of the EVARENA Mod for UT2004, inspired by the Japanese manga Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Evarena Official Website

As another personal news, a video game company has finally hired me. Iím a new employee at Ubisoft Montreal. Iím working on a Next-Gen project and Iím learning to use Z-Brush.

I want to take the time to say yet another big thanks to you all who shown interest toward my work on this website. Iíll do my best as always to keep the site updated regularly. The next model I would like to do will be the NS-5 from the movie I, Robot.

May 19 2003
Now I've done it!

Today is the day the site acheived 100 000 hits!!

The site was launched August 29 1999 and I never expected to get so many visiters.

Thank you one hundred thousand times!

May 13 2003
It's now close to four years that the site is online, I then use that opportunity to do something I intend to do for a long time now, convert the site in french.

Beside that, I release yet another game character, it's a new version of Darkness for UT2003!

I also create a simple section about the squaring of the circle within the Sacred Geometry section.

Next thing on my "to do" list : Convert some other models from UT to UT2003 using custom animations.

January 30 2003
After close to a year without any update, I decided to create an update to the site!

I've been working on several lucrative modeling jobs and I also follow some courses at the local University.

Beside a new makeup to the console, I have also converted 4 of my old models to UT2003. That is to say: Goldorak, Keekeelee, Megabyte and Robocop.

The next on my list are Darth Vader and Obiwan, I have also in mind the idea of creating a new version of Darkness and chun-Li.

Expect more stuff soon! In the mean time, have fun with my model pack!

March 11 2002
Happy new year everyone!! (Joke)

I was too busy during the hollydays, I couldn't do my christmass website update. But now it's there!

So I've redone the website design and added a new ppm. I also added a new section, Sacred Geometry. In which I will display 3d versions of several sacred geometry (not finished yet).

It's the Silver Surfer for Unreal Tournament.

November 13 2001
Hey Character Factory achieved 70000 hits!!!

That's awesome!

It's nearly 3 times more than exactly a year ago!!

I really want to say THANK YOU to everyone spending time on my website. Thanks a lot!

November 2 2001
A little note about my email address. I've been using the address jlbr@moncourrier.com between 1999 and 2001. But following the events of September 11th, the free email service MonCourrier.com has ceased to be. So I had to change my email address. The new one is alcor43@yahoo.ca

So if you've been trying to contact me using the old adress and never had a reply, just try the new one!

September 6 2001
Alcor's on fire!!

For this latest update, there's not one... but TWO new models!! Two shiny characters from the same great movie, Robocop and Ed-209! Both of them are available for Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena.

I also modificated the Models page, I divided each year into different page. That way, it's quite faster to load.

Happy fragging.

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