This is the Projects section of my website. In here I display and give info on the various projects Iím working on at the present time.


Evarena is a game demo based on the Manga Neon Genesis Evangelion I worked on with 4 of my friends during my university studies. The project is on stand by since the demo was released in May 2005. The goal was to get a job in the game industry and we did. I still have the 10gig or so of raw source material used for this demo so itís possible that in the future Iíll resume the development by porting the game into the Unreal3 engine. For more information about Evarena, visit the Official Website on PlanetUnreal.


Trigamy is my second mod project, itís still in early development stage and thereís no beta download yet. The concept is kind of a blend between the old QuakeII Runes mod and UT2004 mutator Udamage Reward. In the level thereís three rune like items called Ennea, a green, a blue and a red, which grant you with one of the three combo special powers, Speed, Berserk and Double Damage for an unlimited time. Thereís only one rune of each type in the level at any time and if you collect all three of them you become sort of a god with all powers plus regeneration. The goal is thus to kill anyone processing an Ennea and steal it from them.

When I was coding Evarena, I somehow blocked while working on some of the ideas I had. Iím having a difficult time making a robust replication architecture. So my goal in doing Trigamy is to start fresh, with a simpler mod concept and try to break through the places where I got stuck in Evarena. If I achieve my goal, I then intend to port the mod to UnrealTournament3 and release it, then I may resume the development of Evarena.

The Evarena logo is copyrighted to Gilbert Arcand, all rights reserved, 2005