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May 17 2005
The Lan Evarena is over and it has been a complete success!

About 60 people subscribed and we played games all night long. The Counter-Strike finals were quite spectacular since the leader of both teams was plugged on an ECG showing their heartbeats.

The evening prior to the lan, where was the Gala Multimedia in which every Multimedia bachelor degree student finalist could display their synthesis project. There were 8 teams / projects and a few judges were voting for their favourite project. Evarena didn’t won but we ended up at the second place. We installed 10 computers for the people to try our game for the first time and there were not a single time where there was an empty seat at our stall. People were waiting in a queue to try it and those who had a place wouldn’t let it go. The game worked very well, there were no bugs or crashes and people gave only good feedbacks.

During the lan, we had a small Evarena Competition, which ended up with a big Last Man Standing (Last Eva Standing) with 25 people at the same time, it was great.

Here are a few pictures of the Gala and Lan:



Christian Sirois's pics

Now that our degree is over, we’ll fine-tune everything and we intend to make the demo available on this website Friday of this week (may 20).
May 1 2005
Only 2 weeks remain until the Lan Evarena, we are keeping up the pace and remain confident that we’ll complete a playable demo for may 13. The coding is almost complete and the progress on the various maps has been great lately.

Here’s a few new screenshots for Tokyo³, Pacific, South-Pole, Magi, and Geo-Front.

Also, 2 new music are available in the Download section, The Beast and Angel Attack
April 16 2005
The student strike is over and as a result the deadline for the creation of the Evarena demo has been pushed back by 2 weeks. So we’ll release the demo on this website the week following the Gala Multimédia 2005 and Lan Evarena, which will take place the 13, 14 and 15 April 2005.

The Lan Evarena event will be the place where we’ll launch our demo and in which the people will be able to play the game for the first time. If you are living near Quebec and like lan parties, please visit the Lan Evarena website and register yourself. There will be many prizes in money and computer hardware. All the details are explained on the Lan Evarena Website.

The French version of the website is completed, it’s hosted on our university server:

Evarena Francophone

Here are some new screenshots of the latest development for Tokyo³ and South Pole.

Also, an mp3 for the song “Decisive Battle” is available in the Download section.

March 28 2005
The developement is going very well, we are now ready to show more stuff. Gilbert figured out a way to record a game so you may download this preview to get a taste of what Evarena is all about.

Divx, 13meg

If you want to take a closer look on our characters, just click on the thumbnails below.

Also, the Download section has been updated with 4 new wallpapers.

We are now finishing the animations and are working very hard on the various levels.

On the political side of things, there is a major student strike all over Quebec to protest against a decision of our provincial government to cut 100 million dollars from student grants and turn them into loans. So there is a lot of uncertainty about what's gonna happen and whether the date at which we must complete our demo will change or not.

We'll keep the website updated with the latest news as everything becomes clearer for us.

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