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March 18 2005
The site has already achieved more than 1000 hits, this is amazing in such a short time!

We should have our forum setuped soon and we'll show more game content, screenshots and videos during that same update.

There is a growing controversy around Evarena. People on several forums strongly beleive that ADV (the company that owns the distribution Rights over Evangelion in North-America) will shut down our project for copyright infringement. As it happened to some other Mod projects like Bid For Power.

Doing a modification of a game that is based on a movie is the true essence of the art. The first Mod I ever heard of back in 1996 was a Total Conversion of Doom based on the movie Aliens. Today, FOX categorically refuses to let anyone make a free game based on Alien Vs. Predator and such. While Lucas Arts sometimes allows people to make Mods based on StarWars but it has to be of good quality. It depends of the attitude of the company that owns the copyright and the current market (like if they intend to release a similar game).

We really hope Gainax/ADV/Glenat/King-Records won't get angry at us. All of our team and many people with whom we talk about this beleive that it's just free publicity for them and their products. In no way we make money out of this and (we think) they don't lose anything either.

Instead of waiting to receive a lawsuit by mail we'll try to contact them ourselves and see how it turns out.

Wish us good luck, we're gonna need it!

March 16 2005
Hello Evangelion and Unreal fans,

Today we launch our project website!

After 2 years of work the project is now in the final stretch of developement. We'll keep the website updated almost every week showing the latest progress and will do our best to complete a Beta version that will be shared on this website early May.

Thanks for watching and please come back often!

March 10 2005
We are very proud to announce that the Almighty PlanetUnreal has accepted to host Evarena!

Also, the Download section has been updated with 4 wallpapers.

March 9 2005
By popular request, we release a bunch of screenshots from Evarena. Please understand that these are from a preliminary version of the game and not all of the effects and decorations have been created yet. But it gives a good idea of the overall feel of Evarena and shows most of the weapons and characters in action.

March 7 2005
Gilbert uploaded the first version of the HTML Evarena Website into his own PlanetQuake website, Character Factory, in order to be able to show it to various game related websites. Most sections are complete, except Forum and Downloads.

PlanetUnreal Staff: We would greatly like to get our project website hosted on your great gaming network. We are strongly confident that you will like our web interface and especially our project Evarena. This will be a high quality Mod and we'll try to make it known as the funniest Mod ever.

We would be very proud if our website url was:

March 5 2005
Early HTML website test. We've worked hard to make the interface compatible with 1024x768 resolution. We seriously hope that PlanetUnreal will accept to host our site. The Flash version of the site should be completed soon.