Evarena Downloads Tactic Team
Player Status
Within a game, the player must consider several Eva maintenance aspects. Such as the Sync-Ratio, the Battery Charge and various protective Pads.


Health / Armor
In most 3D shooter games, the survival of the player depends on 2 factors, Health and Armor. The health determines if the player is dead or alive while the Armor contributes to slow down the loss of health by absorbing a part of the damage.

Well, in Evarena the rules are quite different. Instead of the traditional Health/Armor, the player must maintain a good Sync-Ratio and Battery Charge. If one of these 2 factors drops to 0, the Eva deactivates.

Score Points
We will try to establish a new system of Score into Evarena which will be distinct from Unreal and many other 3D Shooters. Usually, killing an opponent gives 1 point and the player with the most points at the end of a game wins.

We wish to set up a system of Offensive points but also Defensive. The player with the most points in total wins. So itís not enough to simply kill everybody to win. Many different actions will attribute defensive points, like killing an opponent using a Shield Ricochet and Steal the weapons and game items of the other opponents.

Contrarily to the usual Unreal gameplay, in which the weapons are well balanced and the players are all equal, in EVARENA the skilful players are rewarded. So itís not enough to shoot anybody, itís better to target the player that leads the match. Some little numbers 1, 2, 3 will be displayed over the head of the game leaders in order to turn them into easier targets.