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Game Types
It will be possible to set Evarena in several ways using various game types and Mutators (Minor rules modifications). Four game types are planned at the current time, while many others could be included during the game development or via Patches and Extension Packages. However, during our 6th and final University Session, well start by creating the basic DeathMatch and if we still have time well make more that should be available this summer.

Demo Gametypes
The Demo contains 2 Gametypes, "Evarena" which is ecquivalent to the Battery gametype described below, and Last Eva Standing which is the gametype used during the Evarena competition during the Lan Evarena.

Future Gametypes

The player appears with only the Internal Battery and no other power system. He must then hurry up to find another power source somewhere in the level. Killing an enemy gives 1 Score Point.

The player appears with the B-Type Equipment Power Cable and can knock the cable of the opponents which gives 1 Defensive Score Point.

Core or Die
Every player appears with the battery. There is only one S Engine available throughout the level. Only the player carrying the Core can score points by killing the opponents. When the player carrying the Core dies, the Core falls on the ground and can be picked up by another player. Killing the Core carrier gives one Defensive point.

Catch the Core
Every player appears with an S2 Core. To score a point, you must collect the Core of a fallen opponent, meaning someone else can get the Core of a player you killed.