Gilbert Arcand
118, Route des Pionniers RR1
Québec, Canada
J9X 5B7
(819) 764-6446

Welcome in my Portfolio, in which I present my best productions as well as a display of my video game character creation skills.

Curriculum vitæ

Cliquez ici pour la version Française.
Evarena is a modification of the video game Unreal Tournament 2004 which is inspired by the universe of the Japanese manga Neon Genesis Evangelion. I realized the Evarena demo with the help of 4 of my friends during the 3rd year of my multimedia bachelor’s degree at the l’Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. The creation of the demo was our synthesis project which completed our degree. For more information about Evarena, you may consult the official website:


Screen-Shots Characters

Levels Weapons

Here is an example of my 3D character
creation knowledge and skills.


Polygons: 9300 triangles
Textures: 4x 1024x1024
Physique: Rigid + Weight (UT2K4 style)
Animation: Character Studio with Animation Faciale

Various Renders

I have successfully completed more than ten game character modelling contracts for various game companies around the world. I worked among other for Canadian, American, French, German and even Israeli companies. My greatest contract was during the 2004 summer, when I worked for the Robert Lepage company ExMachina. During 2 months I had the mandate to create a realistic environment as well as a character and his dog, I’ve been able to complete my work with one whole week in advance over the initial schedule.

The Virtual Elegant Universe

Contract for ExMachina: 3D models inspired by the American author and scientific Brian Greene and his novel The Elegant Universe (What compose the sub-atomic particles and the Super-String theory).
University works

I realized a few animated short films during my multimedia bachelor’s degree. Here is a few screenshots of my best work, if you want to see the actual movies just take a look at the DVD included with this portfolio.


Short film with special effects realized with Combustion. A guy tries in vain to seduce a girl by bringing her into a story inspired by Terminator and Doom. The Terminator is a toy animated in Stop-Motion.

3D animation inspired by an episode the Evangelion series, some scientifics lose control of their giant robot during an activation test.
3D Apartment

Recreation of by apartment sitting room in 3D.
God calls

Short clip with special effects in which I’m the actor. It was used during the opening movie of the UQAT‘s Soirée Multimédia 2005.
Fruit or Vegetable?

Short film of traditional animation realized with the help of Yannick Morel. The tomato gets rejected by the other fruits and vegetable, and then goes rampage with a set of cooking knives.