Samus Aran
for Unreal Tournament 3 (PC and PS3)
Release date: April 1 2008

Model description

Samus Aran is the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy. She was raised by the ancient civilisation of Chozo after her home colony K-2L was attacked by Ridley and his Space Pirates army. The Chozo was on the verge of instinction after a weapon they created turned on them. The Metroids, as they called them, are a genetically engineered creature species based on a life form the Chozo found on planet SR-388. Before they went extinct, the Chozo build an armor suit for Samus containing the nec plus ultra of their technology. When she learned that the Space Pirates started to do experiments on the Metroids, Samus joined the Galactic Federation army and after her training she decided to go solo, with two objectives on her mind. Destroy Ridley and eradicate the Metroids.

Other info

Samus is the 23rd plugin player model I release thus far. She’s my very first “Next Gen” character for Unreal Tournament 3 and I’m very proud of that. The model has everything you’d expect from your fellow Alcor, custom animations (obviously), customization, first person hands, gibs, dynamic ponytail, team skins, bots, localization, name it! Contrary to my older release in which I always tried to remain as close as possible to the original character concept, for Samus I game myself a degree of artistic freedom. I kept the overall elements, like round shoulder pads, but I gave her more obvious feminine proportions. Her head is one of my first head done with zBrush and I really like the result. The helmet has been modelised live in front of an audience during the Montreal Arcadia Festival 2007 . Make sure to look at the character in 3rd person (behindview 1), crouch and move around, a nice surprise awaits you. I had a great time working on this character and doing a UT3 character was a great challenge. I have to give a special thanks to plenty of people for helping me out (see bellow). Enough talk, now install this piece of art and go collect the bounty!



Special thanks

  • AnubanUT2 for beta testing and recommendations
  • Buffy the Japanese girl for beta testing
  • EvilEngine for creating
  • Serge Daigles for lending me is PS3
  • Marie-France Morin for reference and localization
  • Megan Fox for reference and being Megan Fox :P
  • Epic for creating Unreal