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July 22 2005
Nearly 2 months without any update, I guess itís time for me to give you some news.

Back in June I really needed a break from working on Evarena (I worked on it almost constantly for the last 2 years), my studies being completed I had to find a job and settle down in the city of Montreal. So I intended to resume the development of Evarena in July. I didnít do it for 2 reasons, Iím still looking to find a job and where Iím living right now my 2 computers arenít linked in network for the time being. So itís somewhat useless to work on a multi-player game with only one computer since every single part of the game must constantly be tested over the network.

So please bear with me since the development will resume as soon as possible. The upcoming features will be based on the many ideas and suggestions I received from you the fans, as well as many things we didnít have time to do or complete. New levels will be available as well as improvement on the level already in the game. Every projectile-based weapon will be available in dual and there will be many tweaks to the game play.

June 5 2005
I just want to let you know that the first ever Evarena server is now fully functionnal. All we need now is a bunch of people shooting at each other. Here is the information you need in order to play:

Server : Evarena - UT 2k4
Address :
PW : pmods
Slots : 10

The server should be available for the next 2 weeks, maybe more if there is enough players!

One last thing, if anybody else gets a Server running, please contact me and I'll post a news right here about it.

May 27 2005
One week after the release of the demo there is already 1250 people who have downloaded it, this is amazing!

We also want to thank all of you who spent time to write us an email with your thoughts and comments about the game.

I have included a zipped version of the demo (rather than the .ut4mod) since several people asked for it.

Our friends at pmods.net will be hosting an Evarena server for the next 2 weeks, and I (Gilbert) intend to join it quite often. I will explain how to join into it when the server will be up and running.

As for the Tactic Team, we are all taking a well-deserved break from working on Evarena. We are working on our portfolio and will try to find jobs in the gaming industry in Montreal. So the development of the complete Evarena Mod should resume in July.

May 20 2005
After many months of work, the Evarena Demo is finally available !

Just hit the Download section.

Screenshots of the Demo:

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