Evarena Downloads Tactic Team
The Team

Evarena's developement team is composed of 5 young men who are all studying at the same university, l’Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. We are doing this game as our bachelor’s degree synthesis project. We must have a demo ready for the end of April 2005.

So for the present time we are not looking to include new members to our team. Well, not untill our degree is over.

But there is a specific sector that we could use some help and it's coding. Gilbert would really like to know more Unreal-Script experts to help solving bugs and serve as technical advisors whenever he's got a question.

Also, when the game will be more advanced we'll have a Beta test session. We'll then need to find about about 20 people to test our game over the Internet. So if you want to give us a hand and earn a special thanks then just send us an E-Mail with "Evarena" somewhere in the title to this address: alcor@planetunreal.com
Why "Tactic"
The teachers from our "Project" course recquired that every team had a specific team name and logo, so that's the only reason why we talk about ourselves as the "Tactic Team". It's simply the only idea that everyone liked.
Special Thanks
Tactic Team would like to thanks the following people for their help and support:

James "SolidSnake" Tan : Unreal-Script Advisor
Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel : Unreal Character Guru
Daniel Rodrigue : Spell-checking Expert